1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island: Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures


1998, South Kingston Forest, Rhode Island:  Motorist Sees Several Woven Structures

Georgia Frohschammer was driving along through South Kingston Forest around dusk.  When she slowed to allow for a group of birds to flutter away out of the road, she noticed out the passenger window, several large structures.

“The looked like art objects, you know?  Big round cocoons made from interwoven twigs and branches,” Frohschammer recalled.

She pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look, “I just thought, ‘Well, now, if some young person or local artist went to all that trouble to put these things here, why should I not get a better look at them? You understand, I simply adore public artwork.”

“But as I approached the structures, I was immediately put off by the simply horrid smell and the abundance of flies.  It was just all so overwhelming, I was forced to turn around and head back toward my car.  And that is when I heard it…,” Georgia Frohschammer pauses visibly shaken by recalling the memory, “just the most piercing scream, I have ever heard and I worked as a midwife in Africa for many years.”

The scream made Georgia double her pace to the car, “Once inside, I do admit that I sped off.  Quite over the posted legal limits.”

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