2000, Plymptonville, Pennsylvania: Wilson Roberts Campaign for Bigfoot Crossing


2000, Plymptonville, Pennsylvania: Wilson Roberts Campaign for Bigfoot Crossing

Wilson Roberts, who successfully changed the sidewalk bicycle laws in the 1990s, started to petition City Council on a monthly basis.  As well as writing weekly letters to the Clearfield Progress Newspaper detailing his nearly daily encounters with Bigfoot.

Roberts claims that along almost all the roads in Plymptonville, one might catch a glimpse of a hunched, unibrow cave man looking creature, with white to reddish hair and large naked feet.  “Clearly we are living among a nest of Bigfoot.  The fact that they mean us no harm is self-evident.  As is the fact that they fail to understand our basic traffic laws.”

Roberts went so far as to start wearing a cheap gorilla mask to City Council meetings, which he refused to take off while reading his statements.  This lead to considerable delay and confusion, as he was asked to repeat himself over and over, until the Council could understand his point.

When asked to produce photographs or other physical evidence, Roberts became rather violent in his refusals.  The Council did cost out the price of a Bigfoot Crossing sign which was not expensive.  This enraged Roberts, who, felt that the county needed signs at regularly spaced intervals along all the two lane roads.

The Council promised to take a survey, which was tabled until more definitive proof could be produced.

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