1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado: Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot


1984, Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado:  Hiker Nearly Steps on Slumbering Bigfoot

Hiker William Mundy was climbing up Uncompahgre Peak, the sixth highest peak in Colorado, when he nearly stepped on a large mass of reddish brown fur.  At first, Mundy thought it was just some dead animal, but then as he poked it with his walking staff, the mass sighed.

“You know how like a sleeping dog will just sigh like they got the whole weight of the economy on their shoulders?  Well, that is what this thing did, ” Mundy reported by phone, “that is when I got a good look at it. And I will tell you this, it was large.  Like a four person tent, deflated and spread across the ground.  Under the bushes, I could see two glowing yellow eyes, or at least I hope they were eyes.  They blinked at me, and then I heard a loud yawn.”

At this point, Mundy said he did not stick around much longer.  “I will tell you, I was pretty sure that thing down there, looking up at me and yawning, was not about to roll over and go back to bed.  I know what that looks like.  I have been married almost 33 years, so I know when a large creature is not interested me or waking up.”

Mundy continued after a chuckle, “I can tell you rightly, that I am sure glad I did not step on that thing or kick it.  It looked like it would tear the doors off an SUV just to get at a candy bar.  I am so happy I did not find out if it was angry or hungry or both.”

When asked what he thought it was sleeping there on the side of the peak, “Dunno.  But it was pretty scary.”

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