1971, Congaree National Park, South Carolina: Scott Radier is Partially Abducted by Bigfoot


1971, Congaree National Park, South Carolina:  Scott Radier is Partially Abducted by Bigfoot

Scott Radier barely remembers his childhood, but when he does remember his 1971 trip along Kingsnake Trail in the Congaree National Forest.  He was 7 years old and hiking with his mom and her new boyfriend.  They were in a remote and shady place along the trail.

Scott ran ahead while his mother and her new boyfriend held hands and giggled.  Scott remembers hearing a rustling near the trail.  He stopped to look, as he crouched down to get a better angle, the world went dark.

Scott has been told that then next few hours involved a fairly large search party and a lot of guilty mommy tears from his mother and her concerned new boyfriend.  The police, who were called, finally, directed the search downhill, over some steep drops and near the creek.

But Scott and his new hairy buddy were up the hill.  Playing holes in the dirt.  Scott now realizes that he was snatched by a young Bigfoot, who was looking for a playmate.  The Bigfoot would dig a hole with its massive paws.  Then Scott would jump in.  For some reason, this was so much fun.

As the sun started to go down, Scott and his new Bigfoot pal, heard a terrible high pitched howl.  Like the monkeys at the zoo.  The Bigfoot got a scared look on its face and waved its arms for Scott to run down the hill.

Scared Scott tore down the hill.  Branches and stumps ripped his clothes and welted his skin.  After a few minutes of trundling down the hill, Scott emerged from the undergrowth, right in the middle of a search party.  Who were incredibly surprised to find him.

Though once he told his tale about the holes and his new hairy ape friend, his mother put him in counseling.  She suspected that some wild mountain man had interfered with her young son.  For his part, Scott never had had such a fun afternoon.

One thought on “1971, Congaree National Park, South Carolina: Scott Radier is Partially Abducted by Bigfoot

  1. I heard wood knocks about a mile away from Kingsnake trail yesterday. My friend and I listened and thought what the heck was that! I jokeingly said it was probably a Sasquatch as wood knocks are common with them. Then I found this

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