1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot


1979, Neches River, Texas: Cappy Soileau Gets a Spider Bite While Looking at Two Bigfoot

“I was just walking along one morning,” Cappy Soileau told us while picking at he teeth with a toothpick, “pretty much minding my own business.  When what do I spy but a couple of figures out over across the river.  First, I thought they were just teeny boppers, since they were throwing rocks at a plastic bag caught on some rocks.  They were not doing a good job of hitting anything other than the water.”

“I was just about to call out, ‘Hey you hooligans, stop throwing rocks, you could hurt someone,’ when they both stood fully upright.  Erect they were over 10 or 12 feet tall and super dark.  Pitch.  Like they were made from suits of the dark starless night.  It frightened me, I am not too proud to tell you.”

“I know I thought it at the time, but I know it now, they were Bigfoots.  One of them squatted down for a spell, while the other one hugged a tree.  Don’t know what or why they were doing that.  But as soon as I could get my wits about me, I turned tail and ran.  Ran as fast as I could, until I was out of the woods and back in my car. Even then, I did not feel safe.”

“So that is my Bigfoot story.  Gave me the worst scare of my life. And while I was fleeing the scene over by the river, I got a nasty spider bite on my neck.  Took almost a month to stop itching.  No matter about that, though, I know I think I saw a couple of Bigfoot that day.”

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