1983, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas: Vernon “Daffy” Harrar Trains Dogs to Track Bigfoot


1983, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas:  Vernon “Daffy” Harrar Trains Dogs to Track Bigfoot

Vernon “Daffy” Harrar first ran into Bigfoot when he was a child.  Daffy was playing in his backyard when the Bigfoot came out of nowhere, kicked up the sand in his sandbox and stole his red bouncy ball.  The story was well known to all of Daffy’s friends.  Many of whom, Daffy tried to convince to go Bigfoot hunting.  No one ever did.

So Daffy bought some bloodhounds.  He and the dogs would walk all through the Ouachita National Forest.  He would tell people that he was training those bloodhounds.  Training them to track Bigfoot.  When people would ask how he was training them to track without any scent, Daffy would wave them off.

“If anyone is gonna find that Bigfoot guy,” Daffy would boast, “that someone will be my dogs.”

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