1981, Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Washington: Bigfoot Fender Bender


1981, Stevens Pass, Cascade Mountains, Washington: Bigfoot Fender Bender

Carol Bogdis was driving along a very snowy road through Stevens Pass at dusk when, “…I thought I saw a deer off the side of the road.  I slowed down and flicked my headlights, just like they teach you in all those nasty safety videos.  But the deer did not move and I said to myself, ‘Now Carole, you better stop this car. Stop this car this very instant.’ So that is exactly what I did.  I stopped my car.”

“I know that stopping along Stevens Pass is a dangerous thing to do, but gosh, I was willing to risk getting rear ended, if it meant that I would not crash into that poor, sweet deer.  Anyway, I sat there in my car.  Just looking at the deer and the deer looking back at me.  The windshield wipers going, since it started to rain a bit.  I just hate that icy, slushy rain when there is still snow on the ground, don’t you.  Oh it makes the whole world look like a wet cat, all mangy.”

“Anyway, I was growing impatient with this little deer just as I hear this terrible roar.  Then the little deer is lifted into the air and shoots straight across the road.  I heard a grotesque cracking thud as it hit some trees.  I mean whatever else could it be?  Then I saw it!”

“Standing right where the deer just was was the most fearsome looking Bigfoot I have ever seen.  Not to say that I saw a Bigfoot before or after this, but I can tell you based on what I did see on the television programs, this real life Bigfoot was a whole lot more frightening.  In fact, it was downright terrifying.”

“It turned to look at me sitting there in the middle of the road like a dingbat.  Then it let out a horrible roar.  Can you imagine?  Me sitting there?  I just floored it.  But I forgot to take the car out of park.  Why did I put it in park in the first place?  I cannot remember doing it to this day.  But I must have since the car just spun its wheels with out going forward.”

“That is when the Bigfoot started toward the car.  I could not peel my eyes away from that awful monster, even though I did long enough to get my car moving forward again!  Just as I sped by it, the monster reached out a paw the size of four oven mitts stacked on top of each other, to whack at my car as I sped past.”

“Mind you I did not stop until I was in the driveway of home.  And even then I could not examine the damage.  My husband, Roy, went out and told me it looked like someone punched the bumper.  It was bent around a fist dent. “

“That was no ONE who punched that car, Roy, it was a SOMETHING!”

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