1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Boy Chased After Fishing Trip


1922, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee:Boy Chased After Fishing Trip

Mark Science tells the following story from his childhood, growing up in the Smokies.

He loved to fish the river about a mile from his house.  Mark loved it so much he would wake up hours before dawn  just to get some fishing in before he went to school.  Even in the pre-dawn dark, Mark knew the way to his favorite spot.  He even knew where the path dipped low and there was always a deep puddle, which if you stepped in you sank up to your belt buckle.

Mark had fished for maybe 45 minutes and caught a good number of fish, when he heard what sounded like a whole group of men coming through the woods.  Quite a loud commotion with shuffling leaves, breaking tree branches, and all sorts of huffing and puffing.

Knowing better than to mess with any of the men who drank all night on the ridge and lived in the hollows, Mark sank into the nearby underbrush, hiding as best he could.  From his muddy hiding place, he watched as the darkness parted and a huge monster appeared out of the woods.

The creature, probably 12 feet tall and covered in dark black hair, sniffed the air.  Its huge nostrils puffing up to snort like his grandfather did after dinner when he dozed off on the couch.  Then cocking its head, the monster turned to where Mark had his morning’s catch hanging from a tree.

The creature grabbed the fish and devoured them all in two big gnashing bites.  Watching as fish parts flew in all directions, mark got incredibly scared and bolted out from the safety of his hiding place.  He ran with all his might.

The creature grunted in disgusted and chased him.  Mark never ran so fast in his life, but he remembered with the sinkhole was and nimbly dodged it.  The creature was not so lucky.  The last Mark heard of the monster was a powerful howl and water splashing.

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