1987, Barrow, Alaska: Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures


1987, Barrow, Alaska: Hunter’s Car Attacked By Shadowy Creatures

Tony Sara, an oil rig worker, was hunting on his day off.  While the day was fairly cold, he did manage to bring down several small elk.  He had secured them in the bed of his truck, having recently purchased a meat rack, but neglecting to properly install it.

While he sat in his truck eating his bag lunch and listening to the radio, he claims the truck started to rock back and forth.  At the same time, he heard growls and snorts and all sorts of heavy breathing.  Thinking that a polar bear was outside, Sara grabbed his rifle and started to open the door.

Since all the windows of his cab were steamed up, he could not see outside before cracking the driver’s side door.  That is when he claims to have seen several tall shadowy creatures.  Over ten feet tall and covered in really thick, dark hair but with bare skin patches here and there.

One of the shadow creatures pushed down on the back end of his truck bed, while the other pawed and grabbed at the elk carcases.  Sara yelled at them to stop and step away from the truck.  But the creatures ignored him.  Once they had grabbed the elk, they bolted off together, toward the ocean.

Sara attempted to give chase in his truck, but both his back tires were blown out from the creature’s attack.

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