1980, Mt. Saint Helens, National Guard Rescue at Ape’s Cave


1980, Mt. Saint Helens, National Guard Rescue at Ape’s Cave

Michael Ramos, a 23 year old National Guard Reservist, claims that he was ordered to descend into Ape’s Cave after reports of a violent hiker attacking people in the cave.  Initial accounts had the hiker injured and trapped.  But when several civilian tourists attempted to assist they were met with fierce hand to hand combat.

Ramos says he was sent into the cave alone because it was his first weekend deployment with his regiment.  The Commanding Officer did not believe the hiker’s account and thought it would be funny to send the new guy in to check it out.  Ramos, later, found out that he had, also, been given blanks for his ammunition.

Once inside Ape’s Cave, it was only a matter of following the horrific groaning to locate the allegedly injured hiker.  Who, or rather what, Ramos found would forever change his belief in the unknown.

Ramos says that he called out several times, announcing who he was and his intent.  These were answered with a guttural growling.  When Ramos shined his flashlight at the far corner of the cave, he saw a “hideously deformed creature, with beady bat eyes and wet fur and the most gruesome broken teeth.  And that smell…Jesus Christ, that smell!”

The creature first covered its eyes from the flashlight beam, but then pounced.  Ramos dropped his flashlight turn tail and ran for all he was worth.  Somehow he got turned around and ended up on the far end of Ape’s Cave, away from where his unit was waiting.

The Creature plowed out of Ape’s Cave, knocking Ramos into a mud puddle before swinging off into the branches and up the mountain.

“As of today, I can fully say that what knocked me over was one of those Bigfoot things,” Ramos said with great conviction.

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