1977, Hancock, Maryland: Turkey Hunters Frightened by Bigfoot


1977, Hancock, Maryland: Turkey Hunters Frightened by Bigfoot

George Stickoff and Steve Hamilton were out turkey hunting in Hancock, Maryland.  They had arrived before dawn and shot five turkeys between them.  As they were walking through the woods, Stickoff grabbed Hamilton’s shoulder and pointed wordlessly to the trees about 100 or 150 yards ahead.

Hamilton instinctively levels his rifle to the spot where Stickoff indicated.  It was then that both men claim they saw a brownish or tan monster stumble between tree trunks.  Even from their somewhat safe distance, they could smell the horrible odor of the creature.  And they could hear the strained, heavy breathing of the Bigfoot as it padded slowly by them.

Hamilton did not fire a shot, fearing that the figure they were seeing might be some high school kids pulling a prank or maybe it was stupidly camouflaged fellow hunter.  Though, now, decades later, Steve Hamilton regrets taking the shot.  “Consider how rich I’d be now, and famous, if I shot and Bigfoot.”

“Or you’d be in jail,” Stickoff added.

“Except we both know that was a Bigfoot, George.”

“That we do, Steve.”

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