1952, State House, Olympia, Washington: Man Claims State of Washington Covering Up Bigfoot Evidence


1952, State House, Olympia, Washington: Man Claims State of Washington Covering Up Bigfoot Evidence

Herbert Delaney organized a protest in front of the Washington State House in Olympia on this day in 1952.  He and his small group of family and friends were picketing to raise awareness of what Delaney called the “most egregious abuse of power by the worst kind of dictatorship” in the history of Washington.

Delaney claimed that Governor Arthur Bernard Langlie was in cahoots with powerful logging barons to intimidate witnesses and suppress evidence that would definitively prove, once and for all, the existence of Bigfoot.

The State government’s rationale for this action, according to Delaney was to federal intervention that might classify the Bigfoot as a threat to man or worse deem the creature worthy of study and protection.  This sort of thing would really upset the commercial interests of the logging barons.

Delaney and the five other protestors marched in a circle in front of the State House chanting awkward slogan like, “Provide us with the evidence of the Bigfoot!” and “We will not be silenced until the Evidence of Bigfoot is released to us.”

After thirty minutes of this sort of chanting, the local police were called and asked the protestors to disperse.  As Delaney had not obtained the proper permits, he quietly packed it up and went home.

This did not detour him, though.  For in the next five years, Delaney wrote over 400 letters to the Governor demanding all the evidence of the Bigfoot be released to the public.  Never once, did Delaney get a response.

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