2009, Gold Lake, CA: Man Claims To Have Hunted and Killed Two Bigfoot


2009, Gold Lake, CA: Man Claims To Have Hunted and Killed Two Bigfoot

Justin Smeelack was hunting with his boss, Randall Dereks.  The two men claim that in the early afternoon, they began to hear a very heavy creature moving toward their stakeout positions.  Dereks described the breaking of trees and the shuffling of dirt and leaves.  Smeelack reports that he was frightened and wanted to flee the scene, fearing that what was approaching them was a battalion of ATVs or other hillbilly mobile transportation devices.

Smeelack had insulted some towns people the night before while the friends drank in a bar.  During a contentious drunken game of darts, Smeelack accused the locals of tampering with the flights on his darts.  A heated argument ensued and the authroties were called to the bar.  A few of the local toughs were arrests for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Smeelack was convinced that those guys were out of jail and hot for revenge.  Dereks was unconvinced that there was any chance that the thing moving toward them was anything other than a large animal, quite possibly a bear.

Smeelack readied his rifle and as soon as the creature broke the clearing, he fired several rounds into the creature.  Just as Smeelack rapidly fired, Dereks shouted, “HOLY SHIT! THAT AIN’T NO BEAR!!”

In fact, Smeelack immediately broke down fearing that he had killed a person.  That is when Dereks opened fire.  Smeelack did not see what Dereks was shooting at, until the smaller creature fell dead, shot in the back several times as it tried to get back into the woods.

Smeelack and Dereks had killed a Bigfoot and its child.  Panicked they quickly fled the scene without taking photographs, or marking the exact spot or trying to bring the bodies with them.  They did claim, in subsequent interviews, to have carved out enough flesh meat to make three decent sized Bigfoot steaks.

The pair have defended their story for many years now.  Neither has deviated from the original telling, though, other researchers have challenged the veracity of their tale.

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