1975, Lismore, Australia: Yowie Footprints Finally Cast


1975, Lismore, Australia: Yowie Footprints Finally Cast

Rex Michael Gardner becomes the father of Australia’s modern Cryptozoology Movement.  While hiking, in what is now Koreelah National Park, Rex came upon strange footprints in the mud. Footprints like the ones he had seen many times before while hiking.

In the past, Rex tried to draw the footprints for his family and friends to unimpressive affect.  Further frustrating him was the strange fact that whenever he took friends or family out into the woods to show them the footprints, the prints were mysteriously gone.  Compounding the frustration was the fact that Rex was never able to find footprints while anyone was with him.  This lead to several wasted hikes with loved ones.

Today, though, Rex was prepared.  Having heard of a method that hunters and trackers and naturalists used to make plaster casts of animal prints, for educational purposes, Rex invested in some plaster materials.  So the first Yowie footprints were cast in Lismore, Australia.  These first impressions have since been misplaced, probably somewhere in the Gardner house, though.

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