1997, Buckwha Creek Trail, Pennsylvania: ATV Riders Crash To Avoid Bigfoot Standing On Trail


1997, Buckwha Creek Trail, Pennsylvania: ATV Riders Crash To Avoid Bigfoot Standing On Trail

Kevin ‘Slide’ Beeman and his friend were racing their ATVs along Buckwha Creek. They were on their second loop of the trail, when Slide and his friend were in a terrible crash that nearly killed Slide’s friend.

“My buddy was a few yards ahead of me. I was letting him think he could take me, but I knew there was a rough patch on the trail coming up, so I knew that would slow him down. He was terrible on the rough patches.  Anyway, before I knew what was going on I saw a big man standing in the middle of the trail.  My buddy was headed right for him.”

“I shouted and shouted and even honked the horn on my ATV, but you ever hear an ATV horn? Pathetic. I did manage to get a really good look at that bastard before I slammed into the back of my friend’s ATV.  I can tell you one thing, it was not a man. It was a Bigfoot,” Slide’s eyes got super wide and he just nodded slowly after announcing it.

“It was big. Like the size of my the grill on my 1978 LeBaron. It had long arms, like almost to its ankles. It have a tall forehead, like it was wearing on of those Pith Helmets or something. But it was his head. It was totally brown or maybe blondish brown, maybe auburn.  When it did start to walk off, it moved slow and its legs seemed to move without its shins.  It was a damn Bigfoot, I tell ya.”

Slide did slam into the back of his friend’s ATV and then ran his friend over, breaking his back. Slide had a broken wrist and collar bone, but his friend broken his back and is now in a wheelchair.

“If I ever see that Bigfoot again, I am totally kicking its hairy brown ass,” Slide said with a smirk of potential sweet revenge.

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