1963, Saint Joes Forest, Idaho: Man Sees Bigfoot Riding Woodland Caribou


1963, Saint Joes Forest, Idaho: Man Sees Bigfoot Riding Woodland Caribou

Daryl Braun returned from his weekend camping trip with a tall tale.  Braun started telling his friends that while on his morning hike, he saw heard some very strange noises.  It sounded like a cat mewing while someone strong beat two rocks together.  It was a horrible sound.

Intrigued, Braun started toward where he thought the noise was coming from, but quickly realized the noise was coming from everywhere at once.  Fearing he might get turned around and lose his way, Braun turned and retreated the way he had come.

Once he was back on the trail, Braun saw two woodland caribou slowly prance across his path. They seemed shy and tired, but Braun was amazed at their beauty and how closed they came to him.  He stood very still and tried not to scare the creatures. While frozen in place, Braun heard the banging rock and mewing noise get closer and closer.

Then following the two caribou, came a large male woodland caribou.  The biggest caribou Braun had ever seen.  That beast would have been a good enough story to tell people, but the story got weird and almost unbelievable. Because sitting on the back of the male caribou was a large Bigfoot.  Braun was certain it was the monster, since it was hairy all over, had large ape like feet, and unlike any human in both posture and constitution.

Further surprising Braun was the fact that the monster riding the massive caribou was banging two large rocks together and singing a song with a big smile on its small face.  Its deep set features beaming with joy as it hit the rocks together and sang out its mewing, high pitched little song.

Braun did not move, or dare to breathe, until the little parade was clear of the path and the song faded into the distance.

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