1977, Beaver Creek, Fayette County, Ohio: The Blackberry Tripwire Trap


1977, Fayette County, Ohio: The Blackberry Tripwire Trap

Ida Sheron was walking her dogs along Beaver Creek when she came across two large creatures.  Sheron claims the smaller of the two Bigfoot was sitting on a log, carefully picking blackberries.  Each blackberry the little Bigfoot turned over and over in its massive boat paddle sized hands, before carefully placing the tiny berry in its massive mouth.  The larger Bigfoot stood over the smaller one, distractedly swatting at flies and other bugs that kept attacking the two.

Sheron’s dog’s barking startled the creatures.  The taller one grabbed the smaller one, flung it over its shoulder and then bolted off into the woods.

When Sheron told the story of her sighting to her boyfriend, Bartholomew Siecienski, he was overly excited.  For the next few weeks, Siecienski talked of nothing else.  He made Sheron show him the exact spot several times.  After endless discussion, Siecienski convinced Sheron that they should try and capture the Bigfoots.

Siecienski devised camera that was attached to a tripwire which he ran between two blackberry bushes near the spot where Sheron originally saw the Bigfoot.  After a few nights of no results, Siecienski returned to check is photo trap.  He discovered that the blackberry bushes had been stripped of all their berries, the trip wire was still taut, but the camera was missing.

Siecienski started spending all his free time searching for evidence of the Bigfoot around Beaver Creek.  So much so that his relationship with Sheron suffered.

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