1965, Mallets Bay, Vermont: Gavin Southwick’s Backyard Invaded By Bigfoot


1965, Mallets Bay, Vermont: Gavin Southwick’s Backyard Invaded By Bigfoot

Gavin Southwick’s new house was finally finished enough for his family to move in.  During the first night, the children were restless and overly excited.  His wife Janet was still unhappy with the exposed plumbing and lack of dry wall on the second floor.  She complained, bitterly, about the creaking and moaning of the pipes.  Gavin assured her that they would not hear this once the walls were finished.

The second night in the new house, Gavin topped off his nightly scotch and went out to the backyard patio to smoke his last cigarette before bed.  He was thoroughly enjoying his new backyard.

That is when he heard the terrible rustling from the far end of his new yard.  The closest house was nearly a half mile away, so Gavin’s immediate thought was some kind of animal, maybe a deer, was trespassing on his property.

What came plopping out of the bushes, instead, paralyzed Gavin with fear.  A large 10 foot tall creature with fiery green eyes and a growling that sounded like a pig squealing slowly walked across the backyard.  It seemed focused on something in the trees and did not look around at all.  Gavin was certain had he made a noise the Bigfoot would have torn him apart.

Gavin watched, as his hands shook, as the Bigfoot calmly walked up to one large oak tree and started clawing and scratching it with an unabashed fury.  Piece of bark and clumps of hair flew in all directions.  Once the bark was completely stripped from the front of the tree, the Bigfoot sighed loudly and crept off into the opposite direction.

After the monster was gone, Gavin smelled a terrible odor – like skunk and stale swamp mud mingled with the worst onion breath one could imagine.

The next day Gavin ordered a tall metal fence which would run the length of his property.  He never did fully explain to his wife the reason for the fence.  Not that she seemed to care very much at all.  Gavin, also, had the tree cut down which the Bigfoot had clawed the bark.

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