1975, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, ​California: Park Ranger Sees Bigfoot Building a Nest


1975, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California: Park Ranger Sees Bigfoot Building a Nest

Park Ranger Robert Letterlight says he began seeing the strange nests in the lower branches of the Redwood trees a few months before he really took notice of one.  It was early in the morning when Letterlight says he came upon a hunched over big man gathering large branches and other forest floor debris.  Letterlight did not confront the man, “because something seemed a bit odd about this guy.”

What was odd was the fact that Letterlight was watching a grown Bigfoot collecting the materials for his new nest.  Something that did not immediately dawn on Letterlight, “I was sorta just mesmerized by the soft fur and gentle way the big creature moved and slowly, very carefully examined each new piece of wood.”

Letterlight claims he and the Bigfoot developed a friendship of sorts.  Letterlight says the two were connected by an unspoken bond.  “Of course, I did not speak his language and I am pretty sure his English was spotty at best.”

Still the Bigfoot managed to convey a lot of its story to the Park Ranger. For instance, the Bigfoot had outlived all his tribe and came to live out the rest of his days among the Redwoods.

Letterlight made several crude drawings of the Bigfoot, who called itself, G’Wyn’Ylll, but claims that the Bigfoot could not be photographed.  Every time, Letterlight attempted to take a picture, it did not develop or came out unfocused.  The Bigfoot says this is how his people have lived in the woods so long, no man-machine can do them harm or capture them.

Letterlight is widely discredited and seen as a crazy prankster among respected Cryptozoologists.

In order to respond to his critics and the mounting inconsistencies in his book, Letterlight wrote a book, A Cabin In The Trees, in which G’Wyn’Ylll The Bigfoot, takes Letterlight on a spiritual journey into the sense memory of the Bigfoot people.  Most of the book consists of an incoherent lineage of unpronounceable names and places.

Letterlight failed to sell many copies and the book soon fell out of print.

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