1998, Bulitt County, Kentucky: Bigfoot Sniffs Around Old Folk’s Home


1998, Bulitt County, Kentucky: Bigfoot Sniffs Around Old Folk’s Home

Joy Hoope, a nurse at Shady Acres Nursing Home, claims that, while working the night shift, she sees a Bigfoot stalking the grounds.

Ms. Hoope, first, sees a large hairy head move past the windows along the hallway.  Not sure what she saw, possibly shadows cast by a passing motorist, she thinks nothing of it.  That is until later, when she is cleaning her coffee mug in the kitchen, she sees an ugly creature peeping in the back door.  Since all the windows and doors are locked and secured with a grate, she is startled but not frightened.

“I knew that thing could not get in,” Ms. Hoope said, “so I just walked right up to the backdoor to get a better look.  I kinda wish that I hadn’t, actually.  I am have seen some real nasty things in my time working with the old, infirm, and sickly, but this thing out back was just foul.

“He had the worst teeth I ever seen, plus his hair was just sweaty and full of bugs.  They seemed to be falling out of clumps of hair.  Plus it sounded like he was farting and burping at the same time.  I know it was Bigfoot I seen, though what he was doing peeping at old people, I do not know.”

The following three nights, she claims to have seen the creature several more times. “The last time, I heard him growling and grunting outside the kitchen.  One of the windows were open, and boy you could smell that beast out there.  Worst smell I ever smelled.”

No one else witnessed the Bigfoot visitations, though the grounds crew did find some suspicious looking footprints and broken shrubs near the kitchen windows.

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