1971, Midland, Michigan: Screaming Bigfoot Scares Deer Hunters Senseless


1971, Midland, Michigan: Screaming Bigfoot Scares Deer Hunters Senseless

Steve Engel and Jeff Hill were hunting deer early in the morning.  Having had little luck, the two were feeling a bit discouraged.  Suddenly the forest was filled with an inhuman piercing scream.  Both men thought it must be a fellow hunter in distress or maybe an animal getting torn to pieces by a bear.

They stood perfectly still, trying to pinpoint the direction of the screaming.  Then both men were overrun by all manner of small forest animals, deer bounded out in large numbers.  Too startled to take aim, the men looked at each other with concern.  Something was terribly wrong.

That is when Jeff Hill saw the Bigfoot, “The critter just stood up. It was taller than anything I ever seen. And it was just screaming its fool head off.”

“I just up and run,” Steve Engel said.

“He did at that,” Jeff continued, “I turned to see if Steve was seeing that thing. But Steve was gone. It was like the cartoons, all that was left was a puff of smoke.”

The following day, Steve’s wife, Becky, convinced the two men to report the Bigfoot sighting to authorities.

“Even if it made us look like kooks, Becky was right.  I mean, we saw a Bigfoot screaming bloody murder.  People need to know about that!” Steve said.

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