1993, Cranberry Lake, Washington: Daddy Bigfoot Scolds Stupid Baby Bigfoot


1993, Cranberry Lake, Washington: Daddy Bigfoot Scolds Stupid Baby Bigfoot

Mike Medina was walking with his little daughter, Joy, around Cranberry Lake. It was very early in the morning. There was still dew on the grass and a steamy fog hoovering over the still lake water.  Mike was listening to Joy talk about her first grade classmates, when they stopped dead in their tracks.

About 300 yards away, a Daddy Bigfoot was tugging and scolding on a Baby Bigfoot.  Mike described the male as over 9 feet tall and “built like three professional football linebackers stacked up.”  Joy added that the Daddy smelled like “stinky feet.”

Mike claims he recognized the tone of the growls and the way the male Bigfoot gestured as universal signs of parental frustration. “The Daddy Bigfoot sure did look up set at the little baby Bigfoot.  He seemed annoyed and scolding the baby.”

“Daddy,” Joy said quietly, “the Baby Bigfoot was very stupid.”

“Why do you say that Joy?”

“Because,” Joy sighed in childhood sympathy, “the Baby was covered in mud and was very wet. I bet he had been playing in the mud. Probably chasing snails along the lake. Where I like to look for frogs.”

“That is a great guess, Joy,” Mike told her, ” and you are very good at spotting frogs.  But why do you think the Baby was trying to chase snails.”

“I just do, Daddy. You could tell.”

When the Daddy Bigfoot saw the two humans watching it, it swooped up the Baby.  With the Baby Bigfoot slung over its shoulder the adult Bigfoot bounded off into the woods.  Mike and Joy Medina continued to hear Baby Bigfoot cries the rest of their walk.

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