1969, Lake Worth Texas, Make Out Teens Take Pot Shots At Peeping Bigfoot


1969, Lake Worth Texas, Make Out Teens Take Pot Shots At Peeping Bigfoot

Teenage couple, Tara Swollen and James Bash, were parked at a secluded make out spot near Lake Worth, Texas. The two had only been dating a few weeks, so the activity in the automobile was hot and heavy.

Through the steamy backseat window, Tara Swollen claims she saw bright, flickering green glowing eyes approaching. As the eye globes got closer to the window, Tara screamed. James Bash, thinking, at first, he had damaged Tara in some accidental way, jumped off her. Having been entangled in one messy pregnancy scare, last summer, James was a bit make out shy.

But when he saw the peeping tom outside the window, he shouted and kicked at the door. Hoping to scare the man off, instead, James says, it became clear that the peeper was no ordinary man. Completely covered in white fur, with pointed, fleshy nubs protruding from its forehead like horns, and a snout with a black dripping nose, the creature snorted in heavy breathing.

James crawled into the drivers seat and grabbed the pistol he stowed under it. Inching the driver’s side door open, he could see the beast rubbing itself, monstrously, while drooling and staring with passive, half closed eye intensity at the half clothed Tara, cowering in the backseat.

James Bash shouted again, this time a profanity. The creature turned on its massive heels. Suddenly face to face with the abomination, James spat in disgust.  He brought the pistol up and aimed. Before he could fire, the white monster roared and started running toward the woods.

James Bash managed to peel off a few rounds, but was uncertain if he hit the creature. Later, he would be cited by Texas law enforcement for hunting big game without the proper license.

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