1956, Barstrop Texas, Girl Bitten By Mysterious Wild Man Grows Hair


1956, Barstrop Texas, Girl Bitten By Mysterious Wild Man Grows Hair

Rachel Eric Clauffer, 8 years old, was standing on the Cedar Creek bridge watching her schoolmates foot race back and forth across it. She was cheering them on and helping determine who was the fastest kid in her grade.

When suddenly, a wild man emerged out of nowhere. He charged the gang of children. All who were not already running, took off running. Rachel Eric Clauffer did not, she paused to gather up her school books. A delay that would cost her. The wild man, who the other children described as somewhere between 6 and 20 feet tall, with bulging muscles, wearing pants or completely covered in thick black hair, and with eyes like coal fire, grabbed Rachel Eric.

Her classmates screamed and shouted. But it was not enough to scare off the wild man, who bit Rachel Eric on the arm. Enough to break the skin. She passed out. A group of older boys, like in the 6th grade, chased the wild man off by throwing rocks at his head.

Rachel Eric Clauffer was carried to her mom’s house, where her mom treated her bite with hot water, clean rags, and antiseptics. The local high school boys heard about the attack and searched the area for the wild man. Finding no trace of the creep, other than impossibly large footprints. The impressions were a couple inches deep and showed a naked, primate like foot. Some photographs were taken, but lost to time.

Weeks later, Rachel Eric Clauffer started to grow a patch of thick black hair over the spot where the wild man had bit her. Which lead some of the more suspicious old ladies and Mexican voodoo maids to cross themselves whenever mentioning the attack or seeing the little Clauffer girl. It was believed that she had been cursed by the Bigfoot.

A few years late, the unfortunate youngster, Rachel Eric, was killed in a barn accident.

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