1930, Buffalo National River, Arkansas, Bigfoot Stomps Out Tramp Camp Fire


1930, Buffalo National River, Arkansas, Bigfoot Stomps Out Tramp Camp Fire

Hobos, Washington Moran and Delancy Charles, pitched a temporary camp along Arkansas’ Buffalo river. They were on their way West, hoping to land in San Francisco by the end of summer. Following the grapes, as they said.

As night fell, Washington Moran lit a fire. Meanwhile, Delancy Charles filled tin cans with small fish in prepreation for making a shoe sole soup.

Just as the two men were adding the final sandstone pebbles to their tin can cookery, a loud growling came from the bushes over there. Just as Washington Moran was about to do something about that and Delancy Charles was all ready to encourage him to do it, a monster attacked them.

Pouncing out of the shrubbery, a large hairy beast over 9 feet tall and arms that dragged behind it made its way toward the campsite. Washington Moran fell over, playing dead like an armadillo. While Delancy Charles just sat there, a bump on a log, slackjaw and wide saucer eyes, staring.

The monster had 18 or 20 inch feet. A real live Bigfoot. The creature pushed past the two hobos. Kicked the tin cans into the air, spilling out the guppy soup. Then with leathery stomps, patted out the flames of the hobo fire. Once the ashes and embers were totally extinguished, the Bigfoot roared. Its breath was foul like onions and rotten cabbage.

Washington Moran and Delancy Charles could not agree as to which way the monster moved off.

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