1972, Cimarron River, Oilton, Oklahoma, Bigfoot On The Washed Out Bridge


1972, Cimarron River, Oilton, Oklahoma, Bigfoot On The Washed Out Bridge

High schoolers, Ted Brinski and Gwen Fillion, were canoeing down the Cimarron River. Late in the afternoon, after a leisurely day of paddling, the pair allow the river’s current to carry them along.

Gwen offers Ted one of her mother’s famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. As Ted reaches to take it from her hand, she drops the cookie into the canoe and a horrible expression creeps across her face.

“Looked to me like one of those cartoon characters who see a ghost, their face twists up right before all the hair on their head shoots up like bolts of lightning,” Ted laughed as he described Gwen’s expression, “I wish I had a camera with me. That was a priceless face!”

“Ted can laugh all he wants because after he saw what I was pointing at, he nearly jumped out of the boat,” Gwen said sternly.

“Canoe,” Ted corrected.

What Gwen was pointing at was a horrible monster standing on the ruined pylon of a washed out bridge. The monster was naked, except for a peach fuzz fur covering its entire body. He had massive hands and feet, with big bulbous toes and finger tips. Red and yellow eyes that seemed to be crying big silver tears while squinting in pure meanness. And huge flapping ears that looked like bruised fruit.

The Bigfoot was urinating off the side of the pylon.

Ted and Gwen frantically paddled in the opposite direction, once the creature turned toward them. He seemed to be aiming directly at their tiny canoe.

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