1965, Stanislaus National Forest, California, Spicer Reservoir Exploding Tree Trunks


Victor Dellcaft claims to have heard strange elephant like cries for over an hour, while he visited Spicer Reservoir in Stanislaus National Forest, California.

“Well, to be true,” Dellcraft a retired machinist who recently took up late night camping, “the sound was more like an elephant playing stomp the monkey tail with a very unlucky monkey.”

After the sounds died down, Dellcraft smoked his last pipe and planned on going to bed. But his plans were interrupted when he saw a large shadowy creature lurking a few feet from his camp’s fire.

“Damn if it weren’t over ten or fifteen feet tall. Wide as one of them interstate trucks you see hogging all the lanes on the interstate. Big rig wide, is what I am saying.”

Dellcraft stood and shook his fists and called out all sorts of noises in an attempt to chase the monster away. Instead, the creature swung it’s mighty arms. One of its massive fists pounded into the side of a tree, which exploded into a shower of bark, splinters, and cracking noise.

“Scared do not even begin to describe it,” Dellcraft said, “had the Bigfoot not runned off, I might have just fell over dead from fear!”

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