1982 Humboldt Bay, California Lightning Storm Peeping


During a terrible electrical storm that light the night up with shattering bolts of lightning, Marci Carson lay awake in her bed. Ever since she was a small girl, Marci had been dreadfully frightened by lightning. Mainly she hated the loud boom of thunder, which she learned to conceal and deal with over the course of growing up. But the irrational fear of getting struck down by a single flashing bolt of lightning stayed with her into her adulthood.

It was in this frame of mind, that Marci lay awake, staring at the bedroom ceiling. Her husband and dog snoring peacefully next to her.

During one room illuminating flash in the night, Marci swore she saw a silhouette of a man, a shadow outline, really. It was gone in an instant. In fact, her eyes barely had time to focus on the long head and broad shoulders, cast in shadow, across her ceiling.

Then Marci remembers hearing some rustling like a plastic bag was being twisting and crumpled in large hands, before being stomped into the wet earth outside her first floor bedroom window.

Bravely, Marci slid out of bed to creep on tippy toes over to the window. She inched back the curtain just as a daylight bright streak illuminated the night like a flood lamp.

Right outside, its foul breath steaming up the glass pane, was a Bigfoot. Or at least that is what she knows she saw, hunched over the window sill, peeking into her bedroom.

When the creature saw that it was caught, it made a sighing sound, then screamed loudly. The scream was buried in the heavenly clap of thunder. And even the light shade wobbling resonance was not enough to stir her sleeping husband.

Though her dog did look up from where it was curled at the foot of the bed. Marci does not remember seeing the monster leave, since she is positive she fainted, since she woke up on the floor. He husband slept through the whole incident.

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