2009, Gladwin State Forest, Michigan, Sasquatch Upsets Boaters


Kip Regal and his brother, James ‘Pole’ Regal, were canoeing in Gladwin State Forest, Michigan. Along a stretch of flat water, the brothers took a rest from rowing to float along the current.

Kip was eating lunch, while Pole applied sun screen to his chest. They were both suddenly startled as the canoe lurched.

“It was like we run aground,” Kip remembered.

“When I look over the side, I see a big hairy clump of something floating in the water. I said to Kip that it look like we hit a drowned dog or something,” Pole reported.

“He did. Kip said we hit a drowned dog.”

“Yep,” Pole looked at his brother.

“And when I looked over at it, I said it looked more like hat or some sort of fur coat.”

“You thought maybe it was one of them blankets.”

“I did. That is until the damned thing started to move!”

Pole laughed, “You should’ve seen him! He squeaked like a damn chew toy with a squeaker inside it.”

“I did sound like that!”

“We was both looking at it when we seen its face come up out of the water. It had a flat nose with big old nostrils. Bigger than Gilby’s, even.”

“Gilby can fit a half dollar in his nostril,” Kip explained in a stage whisper. “Turn it around 360 in there too. Damnedest thing, let me tell you.”

“Anyway,” Pole continued, “that critter had big beady red eyes like a blood shot old basset hound. And it looked right into our souls!”

“I don’t know about it looking into my soul, Pole.”

Pole contemptuously stared at his brother, ” Well, fine, maybe not yours, then. But I do know I was just so upset by that look. And you were too.”

“And I was too. I was mightily upset, that’s right,” Kip nodded.

“The danged thing floated there a minute looking at us. Then it turned tail and swum away.”

“Sasquatch is what it was.”

Pole nodded deeply, “Yep. Sasquatch.”

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