2001, IHAP Sac, Iowa, Turkey Hunter Becomes the Hunted

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Mitch Clankenside arrived before dawn at the Iowa Habitat and Access Program’s Sac County Location, a few miles East of Odebolt.

Mr. Clankenside entered the wetland area preparing to hunt turkeys. After a few hours of fruitless waiting, he noticed that the environs suddenly became eeriely quiet. When a low humming sound surrounded him. At first Mr. Clankenside thought the noise came from some old farm equipment. The knocks that accompanied the humming pointed to some kind of engine.

Then Mr. Clankenside heard a scary roaring. Like a wilder beast cross with a bear. Mr. Clankenside hunkered down in place, scanning along excellent sight lines, but he saw nothing.

Until after a few minutes more of this scary, unearthly sound, a large man stood up a few hundred yards from Mr. Clankenside’s position. He stood up as well, to alert what he thought was a fellow turkey hunter.

It turned out that Mitch Clankenside was face to face with a Bigfoot. And the Bigfoot was holding it both meaty hands, several dead turkeys. The creature started at Mr. Clankenside, who leveled his gun at the charging monster.

The Bigfoot seeing the pointed gun, started waving his arms in windmill fashion. The wingspan of the Bigfoot, Mr. Clankenside estimates was close to 16, 17, 18 feet.

That is when Mr. Clankenside realized dead turkeys were raining down on top of him. Splashing all around, one missing him by mere inches. He managed to squeeze off one shot. But the shot went wide of the monster, who at this point clotheslined Mr. Clankenside, knocking him to his back.

When Mr. Clankenside managed to get back to his feet, the Bigfoot was almost a mile away, running at quite a fast clip. Mitch Clankenside had his wife take Polaroid photographs of the massive bruise across his chest, where he claimed the Bigfoot knocked him off his feet.

Mrs. Clankenside, to this day, does not accept her notoriously clumsy husband’s tall tale.

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