1989, Whipple Hollow National Park, Vermont, The Best Prints Yet

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Donald Cook, published anthropologist, makes the best plaster cast of any Bigfoot print found in Chittenden, West Rutland, Vermont. He was leading a weekend group of grad students in a gridline search of Whipple Hollow National Park, when the single foot impression was discovered in some soft earth under a thin layer of leaves.

Don Cook spent years scouring the wooded areas, in and around, the Chittenden National Forest, for evidence of the Vermont Bigfoot. Cook first encountered the creature in 1965, when he was driving through the forest on his way to a meeting about his tenure at a nearby University. by his own admission, he was “zoning out” and not paying the closest attention to the road in front of him.

Because he was so distracted, he nearly ran his car into a large hairy monster squatting by the side of the road making its toilet. Cook was so shocked that he nearly drove into a tree. Which would have made him late for his tenure meeting.

Luckily for the tree and Cook, he made it to his meeting and was granted tenure in the Anthropology Department. Cook spent the following years searching the woods for this creature who so startled him. Cook had a massive personal collection of scat, hair, and plaster footprints, but never actually came face to face with the Vermont Bigfoot, again.

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