1975, Choctaw Reservation, Mississippi, Wife mistakes Bigfooot for Husband and Son

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1975, Mrs. Janice Bacardi claims that while walking in the woods on the Choctaw Indian Reservation, she mistakes a large hairy Bigfoot for her husband and son.

Tom Bacardi was carrying Dougie on his shoulders and they had fallen behind Mrs. Bacardi. Mr. Bacardi stopped to allow Dougie to pick at a low hanging branch. Dougie Bacardi was an avid leaf collector and had seen a very rare and prized specimen.

Mrs. Bacardi was a few hundred feet ahead. She had walked around a bend in the trail. When she turned to see if they were following her, she saw, what she thought, at first blush, was her husband and son slowly moving through the woods, slightly off the trail. She worried that Mr. Bacardi might trip and fall, sending Dougie into a terrible tumble.

So Mrs. Bacardi, as she often had to when her husband and son were off exploring, shouted out a stern warning for the two to return to the trail. It was then, that she noticed that the figure in the bushes was not her husband and son. It was a Bigfoot. It turned and looked at her, then snorted loudly.

“Like the dang thing was laughing at my concern for my family,” Mrs. Bacardi recalled, “just the rudest noise. If it were my son who made that noise to me. Well, he would have gotten quite the spanking, let me assure you as a Christian woman.”

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