Lake Erie Monster, Cleveland, Ohio 2012


I am taking a break to inform you about a great new comic book project THE LAKE ERIE MONSTER published by SHINER COMICS.

The Lake Erie Monster is a quarterly horror and suspense anthology comic book, being created and published out of Cleveland, Ohio by J. Kelly and John G. The flagship story is an “adaptation” of an fake movie that J. Kelly developed for a series of Ten Imaginary Movie Posters. Set in the 1970s, we follow a cast of eclectic characters as they have to navigate the choppy waters stirred up by a Monster born out of the pollution from a city gone to seed. Along with the main title, each issue will feature at least one short back up story.

Everyone who loves sea monsters, bigfoot, and other mysterious mysteries should buy this fantastic comic. Jake Kelly and I are working on a top secret Bigfoot Comic that should be published sometime, at some point, in the future!

But back to the product at hand, THE LAKE ERIE MONSTER is published on heavy stock, in full color, and is simply gorgeous!

Do it and tell them BIGFOOT HISTORY sent ya!


Brilliant and Gorgeous

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