1977, Thunderbird Country Club, California Betty Ford’s Fistful of Pills

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! 1977, Betty Ford is looking out her kitchen bay window when she sees a naked, hairy brown creature clamoring over the backyard foliage. She is convinced it is a Bigfoot or other Sasquatch-like creature. When she recounts her scare to her family, they are concerned that she fails to mention the handfuls of pills and several dirty martinis she had been swilling down, hours before her sighting. Popular consensus is that she had mistaken the Mexican gardener for a Bigfoot. As he had been working in the backyard that afternoon and very often did so without his shirt on. Incensed by the effrontery of her family, Betty Ford scolds them all and reminds them that how she spends her lonely afternoons in the house is a private affair, especially to a selfish group such as them, since they can pry but never just pop over for a visit.

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