2011, Gibsonville North Carolina, Muddy Footprints on Pavement

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Leo and Bernie Barely claim to have seen big foot prints on the street in front of a small wooded grove near their Gibsonville North Carolina home. While size and shape are consistent with a Bigfoot, the prints were ambiguous enough to spark the interest of several regional Bigfoot Investigation Teams. One of those teams, lead by Jeff Jerlurkey, excitedly sets up camp in the woods. Over a couple of nights, the team record wood knocking sounds and snorting which they take as definitive proof of the presence of a Bigfoot. On the third night, Jerlurkey sets up a perimeter of infrared and motion sensitive cameras. Shortly after four a.m., all the cameras activate capturing what looks like a creature moving quickly through the area. Jerlurkey announces the find, but refuses to release the footage unless he is given his own reality program.

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