1982, Green Moutain Falls, Colorado, Alien Control

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Howard Catner publishes his seminal book “Alien Minds: The Remote Control Structure of The Bigfoot Hoaxes” In it, Catner argues that UFOs have been circling the Earth since the mid-1940s. In order to sow strife and foster hostility among mankind, the Aliens come up with schemes. One of the longest last and most effective schemes is Bigfoot. Catner claims to have hard evidence of how the Bigfoot is a remote control meatpuppet that and Alien team controls while cloaked in their invisibility shields. Why the Aliens would need a large hairy ape puppet to scare campers is easily answered when Catner reveals that the Aliens themselves are about the size of Smurfs, as seen on Saturday morning children’s cartoons.

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