1975, Joplin Missouri, MoMo Bigfoot Creature

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Steven MacFowl says that a large hairy, “from head to toes completely covered in long spindly hair,” creature was walking down the middle of the two lane highway that leads to his Joplin Missouri home. The creature stood in front of MacFowl’s car, perfectly still, in the headlights for several minutes. MacFowl flashed his headlights and tooted the horn with no reaction from the creature. Suddenly the monster broke into a sprint headed right at MacFowl’s car. MacFowl gunned the engine and managed to swerve to avoid hitting the beast. MacFowl’s car suffered minor front end damage when he drove it off the side of the road. MacFowl was informed by the local Sheriff that several other sightings of the Missouri MoMo were reported that same night.

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