1956, Mount St. Helen’s Washington, Easter Egg Toe

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! On the rainy morning of Easter Sunday, the First Annual Christian Congregational Easter Egg Hunt began without a hitch. As the children ran and searched among the thrush and tall grasses, one five year old, Clementine Wilson finds what she things is a brownish fleshy egg sticking out from one of the twig piles. When she grabbed it, she quickly realized, by the thundering scream, that she had grabbed a Bigfoot Toe! As the congregation came running, their pale pink and tan hats flapping and flying off, the creature moved the bushes apart to look at the little girl smiling up at him. Then the Bigfoot grabbing his toes hopped off into the woods. A few of the men followed a few feet into the forest before being called back by the shrieks of their wives and children, worried for their mortal well being!

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