2000, Michigan, Port Huron State Game Area, Beer Can Fight

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Curtis Miller and Frank Tuffalo were camping near Port Huron State Game Area in ST Claire County of Michigan. While wrapping up their dinner, they hear rustling in the bushes just beyond the firelight. Curtis shouts to scare the animal away, instead a giant Bigfoot stands up and screams back at the two campers. Frank instinctively throws his half empty beer can at the beast. It harmlessly bounces off the thick hairy hide. For the next 15 to 20 minutes, Curtis and Frank continue to throw beer cans at the Bigfoot, who, in turn, whips them back at the two. The next day, Curtis and Frank have their girlfriends take photographs of the welts and bruises on their upper bodies as proof of their beer can fight with Bigfoot!

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