1994, State Highway 321, Liberty Texas, Bigfoot Triple A

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Mortgage Loan Banker, Cliff Gunderstun gets a flat tire while driving through the hardwood pine forests along State Highway 321. When he pulls off to the side to change his tire, he is met with “a large hairy apebeast that looked like a Bigfoot.” The creature and Gunderstun watch each other a couple of minutes, then Gunderstun goes back to changing his tire. The creature continues to watch as the car is jacked up and the tire is removed. When Gunderstun has difficultly getting the spare tire into position, the hairy beast approaches. Gunderstun steps back from the vehicle in amazement as the creature pushes the spare tire into place and then finishes screwing in the lug nuts. The creature pats the roof of the car, nods to Gunderstun and then sprints off across the highway into the woods. Gunderstun swears he thought he saw the creature smile!

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