1988, Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire, England, Bigfoot Abduction

TODAY IN BIGFOOT HISTORY! Roger Willemsom, renowned UFOlogist and local historian, claims that while walking along the edges of Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, he encounters a fiend. The creature stood, at least two head taller than Willemsom, blocking his path while beating its hairy chest with such ferociousness, clumps of hair flew in all directions. Willemsom says the next thing he remembers is being trapped inside a twig and bark hut of some crude design. Over the next several hours, he is poked with sticks and mud is slung at him. He reports of being cold and wet. Upon his release, he immediately notifies the press about his strange abduction at the hands of what he dubs, very unimaginatively, the Ilkley Moor Bigfoot.

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