1957, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado: Bigfoot Seen Entering UFO



1957, Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado: Bigfoot Seen Entering UFO

Jack Chalich, a college student out on a morning ski stumbles upon a very disturbing sight. As he zig zagged down the Beaver Run Trail, he spotted something bright, shiny, and clearly metallic on the other side of the treeline.

He came to a stop to investigate the strange object. It was about the size of two Chevrolet sedans stacked next to each other and as tall as a playground slide. It gave off a light that was nearly impossible to look directly at, and the silver surface of the machine was otherworldly. It only took Chalich a few seconds to realize he stumbled upon a genuine UFO.

Just as that fact hit him, Chalich realized he was standing there gawking at it like a tourist. Immediately, he ducked down. He crept closer to the cylinder spaceship, laying flat on his belly in some dense bushes.

Chalich nearly sqwaked when he saw the tall white skinned alien beings walk out through the woods. They were chattering in a clicking language to a huge hairy beast. Chalich rubbed his eyes in disbelief as the massive Bigfoot bent down to better hear the large fish eye alien beings.

He watched in horror as three more alien creatures emerged from the side of the spaceship. They clearly greeted the Bigfoot, who gently embraced each one, before the whole group re-entered the UFO. Chalich passed out or fainted. Because the next thing he remembers is waking up at the bottom of the ski trail. His skies had been removed and neatly stacked next to him.

Chalich found that as he told his tale to others, many believed the UFO part but dismissed the claim that Bigfoot was an alien.

1983, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Dried Flower Bunches Left by Bigfoot



1983, Priest Lake State Park, Idaho: Dried Flower Bunches Left by Bigfoot

James Connie set up a series of Bigfoot traps in and around Priest Lake. He was encouraged to do so by several sightings and documented Bigfoot prints that he cast in plaster.

Connie’s traps consisted of raw and cooked whole chickens, with a trigger and suspended net. Connie planned on purchasing photographic equipment as soon as he could save the money.

In the meantime, these net traps were the best he could do. After several weeks of setting up the traps and returning with no results other than rotten chickens, Connie found something that excites him to this day.

In one of the traps in the most remote location in the woods that Connie only checked twice a month, he found the gift. Both chickens were completely devoured. Only a few bones remained scattered around. Hanging from the ropes in the net were bunches of dried flowers. Meticulous placed with a delicate touch so as not to spring the trap.

The dried flower bunches were beautiful wild flowers. When Connie had the flowers identified by his friend, a local florist, he was amazed to discover most of the flowers came from miles away – if not other areas of the nation. Connie developed the theory that a Bigfoot must carry these flowers around either to make gifts of them or as seasoning for whatever food it might scavenge.

Naysayers claim the dried flowers were placed there by kids. Others claim Connie is lying and found the flower arrangements in a dumpster behind the party center after a wedding and created the story around them. Connie’s traps never have trapped anything else.

1890, Platte Valley, Nebraska: Wildfires Blamed on Bigfoot



1890, Platte Valley, Nebraska: Wildfires Blamed on Bigfoot

The drought that gripped Nebraska in 1890 was the cause of immense suffering. In the Platte Valley, farmers commiserated about the drought. While holding a meeting at a local church, the alarm was raised. There was a fire. It quickly spread from Old Miller’s fields into the neighboring farms.

The fires burned for nearly a week and burned over 300 acres, decimating whatever crops were growing. After the last smoldering embers were stamped out, an investigation was undertaken. The Smith boy, Alfred, claimed that he heard the hounds barking and ran to the back porch to see what was agitating them. Fearing a fox, he took the shotgun as he went toward the chicken coop.

That is when he saw a 15 foot tall, hairy, wild man run into the barn. The horses started going crazy, so Alfred hung his lantern on the hook near the barn door and slowly entered. As he did, the creature pushed him over. Alfred managed to fire the shotgun once, which missed the monster but enraged the beast. As it swung its arms about, it knocked the lantern over. A fire spread quickly through the barn and into the dry field behind it. Alfred was lucky to escape with his life.

Many people believed the story of the hairy creature’s culpability, but many more thought Alfred Smith was a damned liar.

1906, Big Hole National Forest, Montana: The Surveyor and the Boulder



1906, Big Hole National Forest, Montana: The Surveyor and the Boulder

Tim Fisano was hired by the Federal Government to survey the newly created Big Hole National Forest in Montana. Fisano had worked since dawn setting up his Y-Level and plum bobs.

He took a break to organize his notes, sitting on the edge of a large rocky section of terrain. He had his papers spread out weighed down by little rocks and pebbles he obsessively pocketed throughout the day.

Fiano heard a scraping noise above him. Then a shower of dirt and debris pelted his papers. He looked up just in time to see a huge creature push against a boulder at the edge of the cliff. Fisano quickly leaped out of the way as the boulder crashed down upon his notes. If he had not moved he would have been killed.

Fisano looked up to see the hairy wildman beating its chest and howling like a hundred wolves. When Fisano reported this to his superiors, they told him in confidence that he narrowly escaped an attack by a Bigfoot. This particular Bigfoot had been troubling rangers and other hikers in the area for years. Many disappeared without a trace. Fisano was dubious.

1978, Heavener Runestone Park, Oklahoma: Strange Woodpiles Discovered



1978, Heavener Runestone Park, Oklahoma: Strange Woodpiles Discovered

Dale and Chad Hunter were looking for the Heavener Runestone when the came upon a large woodpile. At first, Chad thought it was a debris left from illegal loggers. Dale quickly disabused his brother of this notion by pointing out that here was no evidence of logging activity.

As they moved on, they came upon two more woodpiles strangely and purposefully positioned. Chad began to suspect that these woodpiles were possibly made by local delinquents during a night of beer partying. Again, Dale scolded his brother saying that no stoner high schooler would have the time or patience to construct such a massive arrangement of ripped branches and broken trees.

The brothers hiked on. Once they arrived at the infamous stone carved by viking explorers of North America, Dale noticed something disturbing. Just over the ridge, not too far from where the two stood looking at the stone carving, was a Bigfoot dragging a small felled sapling behind its monstrous body.

Chad whooped when he saw the Bigfoot creating the woodpile, he felt vindicated in some manner. Though Dale said that the Bigfoot proved all of Chad’s theories incorrect, Chad was not hearing anything other than success. The brothers stood watching the Bigfoot slowly arrange the woodpile. The creature clearly had a specific purpose in mind as it constructed the pile. Ofter moving and rearranging specific branches. Once the pile was about five feet high, the bigfoot walked around it a few times before heading off toward the northeast.

The Hunter Brothers were unable to convince anyone that they, themselves, had not created the woodpiles as an elaborate Bigfoot Hoax.

1991, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Man Sees Blind Bigfoot



1991, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Man Sees Blind Bigfoot

Camper Adam Taggart was just about to turn in for the night. He started to extinguish the camp fire when he heard something moving though the woods toward his campsite. At first, he thought it must be an woodland animal of some variety. But the closer it came the more the sounds sounded human.

Taggart called out announcing his presence. The noise stopped for a good minute. Then the crunch of underbrush and the bending of branches continued with a renewed vigor. To Taggart’s ear, it sounded as if the person approaching his campsite was intoxicated.

Expecting the worst, Taggart armed himself with a metal rod he had been using to keep some of his material from blowing away. As the figure emerged from the darkness, Taggart realizes the contours of the figure are too large and menacing to be human. Humanoid, yes. But human, no.

The figure was massive. It was over 15 feet tall and covered in a knotted white fur. Taggart fears that it was a bear, at first, but quickly assessed that the figure was the legendary Bigfoot. Taggart tried to lock eyes with the monster, but the creature’s eyes were completely milky white.

Taggart stood up on a log to make himself look bigger, but the Bigfoot barely seemed to notice him. It occurred to Taggart, after watching the beast stumble about, its massive arms swinging methodically in front of itself, that the Bigfoot was blind. Or nearly blind. So Taggart just scooted out of its path as it lumbered past him. It walked so closely to him, he could have hugged it full on without moving anything but his arms.

To this day, Taggart worries about that blind Bigfoot and feels badly that he did nothing to try to help it. Though what could he really have done?

1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence



1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence

Construction worker, Dan Lightman, was operating the bulldozer pushing debris away from tunnel entrance on the Oroville Dam project. It was near quitting time, when Lightman noticed something odd in the pile of evacuated rock. He let the bulldozer idle as he jumped from the cab to investigate.

Lightman climbed into the rubble, kicking up dust, he managed to dig out what he thought he saw. It was a long footprint fossil. Over 18 inches long and clearly primate. He called out for the other guys to come and look at it. Most of them were pretty impressed and the foreman suggested that Lightman give him the fossil for safe keeping.

After quitting time, Lightman tracked down the foreman and asked for his discovery back. But the foreman told Lightman that he had no claim to the fossil, since this was a state project, anything found belonged to the contractor who was obligated to turn it over to the state. When Lightman protested, he was fired on the spot.

Lightman filed a grievance with the union, but nothing came of it. Nor did Lightman ever see the Bigfoot fossil again. Some suspect it was destroyed to hide the fact that the Oroville Dam is built over a Bigfoot graveyard.