1989, Dragon Run State Forest, Virgina: Hunters See Bigfoot Eyes



1989, Dragon Run State Forest, Virgina: Hunters See Bigfoot Eyes

Alvin Carter and his brother Jamie and their father Frank had spent the day hunting in Dragon Run Forest. They did not come across any game all day. Frank seeing the disappointment in his son’s eyes, came up with a novel solution. He went into their cooler and set upĀ  row of soda pop cans along a fallen tree.

Then he let the boys take turns shooting at the cans. The younger boy, Alvin, was a much better shot than his older brother Jamie. After Alvin hit three of the six soda cans lined up, Frank told Alvin he had to let his brother hit the other half.

While Frank helped Jamie with his accuracy, Alvin grew bored watching his brother miss the targets. Alvin started looking through the sight on his rifle, scanning the scrubs behind his father and brother. Just as he was about to put the gun down and ask if they could head home, he saw something that totally startled him.

He saw two glowing red eyes staring at the trio. Alvin figured the eyes to be about 35 yards from them. Alvin tried to get the attention of his father, but was only answered with annoyance. Alvin watched the glowing red eyes watch them. Then he clearly saw a Bigfoot stand up, shake itself like a dog, and walk off in the other direction.

No amount of trying could convince Alvin’s brother or father of what he saw. Plus Alvin was warned that if he mentioned it to his mother, Alvin would not be allowed hunting ever again.

1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot



1966, Baseline Road, San Bernadido, California: Teen Girls Menaced by Bigfoot

Annie Meeks, 15, and her friend, Brenda Washburn, 14, were walking aimlessly around the undeveloped area along Base Line Road. They spent most of the summer slowly meandering up one side, then down the others side of the dead end road.

Often they ran into other teenagers. Sometimes there might be an impromptu beer party. OtherĀ  times, everyone just sat on tree stumps and swatted the mosquitoes, just hanging out.

This particular afternoon felt off, in a strange way. Kinda like how it felt inside the house before a big thunderstorm. Annie had just noticed a Robin Red Breast flying along neck to neck with two Blue Birds. Just as she was about to mention it to Brenda, Annie felt a strong jerk on her arm.

Annie noticed that there was a massive hand, three or four times stronger than the strongest football player she knew of, Burt Gibbode. Annie was disgusted by the hairy paw like feel of the hand, as well as its excessive moisture. The skin had the same texture of a dishrag.

Brenda started to scream when she heard Annie squeal in pain. Annie screamed in fear when she saw that the hand belonged to a Bigfoot. Over 10 feet tall and soaking wet, its platinum blonde fur, and smelled like moth balls and used kitty litter.

The girls’ screaming must have startled the monster because its eyes got every big and then it let out a little squeak of displeasure before letting go of Annie and running into the woods.

The girls sprinted all the wall to the local police station where their story was dismissed as a prank devised by the girls in a moment of summer reading boredom.

2002, Ricketson Bay area, Georgia: Police Officer Encounter



2002, Ricketson Bay area, Georgia: Police Officer Encounter

Officer Chris Murray set up a speed trap along GA-64 just along Ricketson Bay. He had nabbed a few speeders, but the traffic was actually really light for the day after the Fourth of July.

Officer Murray looked at the clock, only an hour left to his shift. He figured he would head back to the station in about ten minutes. That is when his cruiser started bouncing. His police car was in park and idling, so the car was not causing this bouncing. Officer Murray checked his rear view mirror. To his sudden horror he saw a huge muscular and very hairy Bigfoot pushing down on the trunk of the cruiser.

The monster’s beady red eyes burrowed right into Officer Murray’s soul. When the Bigfoot raised its right arm to swipe at the back window, Officer Murray threw his car into drive and sped off into the road. He took off at top speed. He did not look back nor did he turn on his sirens.

Officer Chris Murray reported that a large raccoon fell on his trunk while he was sitting in his speed trap. He knew if he mentioned the Bigfoot attack, he would be put on permanent desk duty and have to talk to the Union shrink like that time he said he saw the UFO. But this time was different. Real different.

1963, Table Rock Lake, Missouri: Bigfoot Almost Causes an Accident



1963, Table Rock Lake, Missouri: Bigfoot Almost Causes an Accident

Erica Clemons was driving from her family’s campsite near Table Rock Lake. She was cruising along Bread Tray Mountain Road on her way to the small local grocery store to pick up a can opener that her husband forgot to pack.

It was early evening and the sun was just about to set, Erica took note of the way the sun played in the trees. Just as her car turned around a steep bend in the road, she slammed on her brakes. The family’s station wagon screeched and swerved in to the other lane.

Standing in the middle of the road, about twenty five yards from Erica’s front bumper was a gigantic Bigfoot. Erica had heard her husband tell the kids bedtimes stories about the gentle monster that lived in the Missouri woods. She did not approve of the stories then, and now looking creating her very own story, she was even more upset.

Erica remembers waving at the Bigfoot to move. She yelled through her closed windows. The creature seemed to shrug at her before continue its slow lumbering pace across the road. Erica remembers thinking that it really did seem the Bigfoot was taking his time on purpose.

1991, Mt. Massive, Colorado: Man Proves His Point



1991, Mt. Massive, Colorado: Man Proves His Point

Dr. Hugh Griggins developed the hypothesis that Bigfoot were unable to be photographed due to an advanced biological evolutionary camouflage trait. He thought that Bigfoot were emitting an electromagnetic pulse that rendered them unfilmable.

Dr. Griggins took to the lecture circuit with his theory. His presentations were packed. He became the authority on photographs and film evidence alleging to have captured Bigfoot. His fame grew due to the speed and accuracy he could spot a hoax or debunk a photo.

Finally, Dr. Griggins was willing to field test his theories. He gathered together a small group of renowned Bigfoot hunters to set out on a three month trek to attempt to capture the monster on film. Accompanying the expedition were four of the nation’s best photographers and cinematographers.

Near the end of the third month, while hiking around Mt. Massive, the crew came upon a Bigfoot about half a mile away. It was hand fishing in a creek. All the photographers were able to get great shots with zoom lenses. The film crew got over 40 minutes of film. Everyone in the exhibition witnessed the sighting.

Once back, everyone anticipated the photographs and film development. Finally, Bigfoot would be proven real. But then something happened. All the pictures came back blurry and with unreadable images. The film foot was shaking and indecipherable.

Dr. Griggins asserted this as proof of his theory. But some on the expedition have claimed that Dr. Griggins staged the sighting after tampering with the cameras and other equipment. An allegation Dr. Griggins fiercely denies.

The debate still rages…

1963, Superior National Forest, Wisconsin: Family Hears Bigfoot Calls



1963, Superior National Forest, Wisconsin: Family Hears Bigfoot Calls

Joey Rice was camping with her family. Her husband Frank had taken John and JoAnn down to the lake to swim. Joey remained at camp to cook dinner. She admits now, she stayed behind to drink beers she had hidden in the station wagon.

As she sat near the tents and sipped her warm beer, she heard an noise that scared her to the core. It was a high pitched screech that pierced the afternoon air. It grew higher and higher then sank into a low gurgly growl. The cry lasted over 2 minutes. For the whole time Joey heard it, she sat frozen. When it stopped, she noticed that she was shaking.

She quickly downed the rest of the beer. Just as she popped open the second one, the rest of her family came rushing out the woods. They were equally disturbed by the inhuman cry they all just heard.

The Rices were so frightened that they promptly loaded into the car and drove out of the forest. They left behind them over 200 dollars worth of camping equipment and summer wear. Years later, when JoAnn was getting married the family finally spoke about the incident. They all agreed that the noise they heard that day was Bigfoot in origin.

1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing



1935, Michaux Forest, Pennsylvania: Man Sees Bigfoot Playing

Todd McHaffie was hiking in Michaux forest when he heard strange animal noises. The sounds were strange. McHaffie never heard anything like them before. They were sort of like the sound two cats make as they scuffle. But not at all like that too.

McHaffie’s curiosity got the better of him. He crept slowly toward the noises. He ended up crawling on his belly when he got close enough. Finally, he was able to see the commotion.

“There were two Bigfoot. One was taller than the other, but they were both over 8 feet tall. They might have been young Bigfoot. Since they seemed to be taking a lot of pleasure in their game. It was a cruel game where they were tossing a mole back and forth. The mole did not seemed hurt by this rough house play. But it was high annoyed.”

McHaffie must have made a noise, because suddenly the two Bigfoot dropped the poor mole and ran off into the forest. The dazed mole sat for a moment then shook itself before returning the the earth.

“Weirdest thing I ever saw,” McHaffie said shaking his head.