1991, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Man Sees Blind Bigfoot



1991, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio: Man Sees Blind Bigfoot

Camper Adam Taggart was just about to turn in for the night. He started to extinguish the camp fire when he heard something moving though the woods toward his campsite. At first, he thought it must be an woodland animal of some variety. But the closer it came the more the sounds sounded human.

Taggart called out announcing his presence. The noise stopped for a good minute. Then the crunch of underbrush and the bending of branches continued with a renewed vigor. To Taggart’s ear, it sounded as if the person approaching his campsite was intoxicated.

Expecting the worst, Taggart armed himself with a metal rod he had been using to keep some of his material from blowing away. As the figure emerged from the darkness, Taggart realizes the contours of the figure are too large and menacing to be human. Humanoid, yes. But human, no.

The figure was massive. It was over 15 feet tall and covered in a knotted white fur. Taggart fears that it was a bear, at first, but quickly assessed that the figure was the legendary Bigfoot. Taggart tried to lock eyes with the monster, but the creature’s eyes were completely milky white.

Taggart stood up on a log to make himself look bigger, but the Bigfoot barely seemed to notice him. It occurred to Taggart, after watching the beast stumble about, its massive arms swinging methodically in front of itself, that the Bigfoot was blind. Or nearly blind. So Taggart just scooted out of its path as it lumbered past him. It walked so closely to him, he could have hugged it full on without moving anything but his arms.

To this day, Taggart worries about that blind Bigfoot and feels badly that he did nothing to try to help it. Though what could he really have done?

1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence



1966, Oroville Dam, California: Bulldozer Operator Uncovers Evidence

Construction worker, Dan Lightman, was operating the bulldozer pushing debris away from tunnel entrance on the Oroville Dam project. It was near quitting time, when Lightman noticed something odd in the pile of evacuated rock. He let the bulldozer idle as he jumped from the cab to investigate.

Lightman climbed into the rubble, kicking up dust, he managed to dig out what he thought he saw. It was a long footprint fossil. Over 18 inches long and clearly primate. He called out for the other guys to come and look at it. Most of them were pretty impressed and the foreman suggested that Lightman give him the fossil for safe keeping.

After quitting time, Lightman tracked down the foreman and asked for his discovery back. But the foreman told Lightman that he had no claim to the fossil, since this was a state project, anything found belonged to the contractor who was obligated to turn it over to the state. When Lightman protested, he was fired on the spot.

Lightman filed a grievance with the union, but nothing came of it. Nor did Lightman ever see the Bigfoot fossil again. Some suspect it was destroyed to hide the fact that the Oroville Dam is built over a Bigfoot graveyard.

2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot



2004, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi: Little Girl and the Sleeping Bigfoot

10 year old Bethany Byrnes went looking for Rabbiteye Blueberries in Desoto Forest. Her mom and dad let her wander off alone on very rare occasions, mainly because of that incident with the ground bees. Bethany thought they should let it go already, I mean that happened back when she was still in first grade.

Bethany heard from her friend Meegan that the blueberries in this area of the forest were really hard to find, but if you could find a bush, the blueberries would be the sweetest and best you ever had. Meegan was convinced that someone like Bethany, who was big and clumsy, would probably trample all over a blueberry bush if she could locate it at all. Bethany was determined to prove Meegan wrong, again!

Bethany walked very, very slowly through the woods. She barely even lifted her sneakers off the dirt. Instead she slide them along, kind of like the way she would slip along her Nanna’s wooden floor playing Olympic ice skating. Bethany was thinking about how gently she moved through the woods, barely even disturbing the ants on the edges of the leaves, that she almost walked right past the blueberry bush.

Bethany gasp with amazement. She plopped down on the ground in front of the bush full of blueberries. Bethany sat admiring how big and blue and beautiful the blueberries looked. She reached out her hand to pinch a blueberry off it’s branch and noticed her hand was trembling. She would need to leave that part out when she bragged about this next week at school.

Just as she was about to touch the berry, something startled her and made her shoot her hand back to her side. It was a long, loud snort. Like when her Uncle stayed over and feel asleep in front of the tv. Just like his snoring, the sound was deep and guttural and just a little scary.

She lifted herself up just a little, so she could get a better look over the blueberry bush. At first she thought it was a huge dog curled up under the tree. Or maybe it was a piece of carpet that no one wanted anymore. But it moved up and down with each snorting snore. Bethany stood up slowly. Then she got a good look at how massive the thing was and how hairy. Bethany saw one of its paws sticking out.

The paw looked like her own foot, only like 100 times bigger. With huge toes and a gigantic heel. That is when Bethany remembered about Bigfoot. She remembered all about the monster, how it hid in the woods and called out at night and probably devoured little kids.

Suddenly Bethany was very frightened. So scared in fact, that she forgot all about the blueberries. She turned around and started running. Running as hard and fast as she ever could! At first, she was worried that she would wake up the monster with her running, but then she stopped worrying and just started to run faster.

When Bethany got back to her parents, she thought about whether or not to tell them about the Sleeping Bigfoot. She thought maybe they would think she was making up stories again and there could be consequences. But after a few minutes, and after catching her breath, she related the whole adventure to her parents. Her mom seemed to believe her, but her dad just sighed and went back to his bird watching.

The next week at school, she only told a few of her best friends about the Blueberry adventure. Most of them believed her, or at least said they did.

1956, Stewart State Forest, New York: Hunter Sees Something Strange



1956, Stewart State Forest, New York: Hunter Sees Something Strange

George Deen had tracked a deer all morning. Finally, he got a good clean bead on it Just as he was about to pull the trigger on his rifle, the deer quickly bolted to the right. Deen scanned the area for the deer. There was no trace of the animal. Not even a branch shaking.

It was then Deen noticed how still and quiet the woods were, even the wind seemed to stop. Deen lowered his rifle and took his hat off to wipe his brow. He glanced down for a split second. When he looked up, everything around him seemed engulfed in a strong gust of wind. It was strong enough to knock him out of his crouch.

As Deen steadied himself, he saw the creature. It was massive like three high school liner backers but moved like a bat of hell. Deen did not get a good look at it. But he is convinced that it was a Bigfoot that barreled past him that afternoon. Mainly, he believes it because of the awful smell left behind, just hanging there between the trees, seeming to wilt leaves and made birds fall from the branches.

When Deen told his friends about it, a few believed him since they encountered that terrible funk in the woods as well. But a few of his friends remained incredulous based on the speed at which the Bigfoot Creature was reported to have had. Everyone knows Bigfoot lumbers and does not engage in speedy foot races.

1965, Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Sounds Recorded



1965, Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina: Bigfoot Sounds Recorded

Audio Engineer, Steve Wholeater, ventured into Nantahala Forest to record bird calls for a project. The bird calls were commissioned by a Professor at a prestigious Northern University. Wholeater felt very fortunate that he landed this job.

Days later, as he edited the reel-to-reel tapes, that he discovered something fantastic. Completely unaware of it at the time, Wholeater recorded several minutes of Bigfoot hoots, tree knocking, and at least one long scream. At first, Wholeater was confused by the sounds he heard, but it became clear to him that what he recorded was exceptional in quality and rarity.

Over the next several months, Wholeater traveled the county playing his recordings to Bigfoot Hunters and leading Cryptozoologists. Each and every one of the professionals he played his recordings for were amazed. Many of them attempted to purchased the recordings from him. But Wholeater kept holing out for better, larger offers.

Sadly, Wholeater was killed in a fiery car cash along the California coast. It is widely believed that his recordings were destroyed in the same cash.

1981, Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana: Man Finds Bigfoot Prints



1981, Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana: Man Finds Bigfoot Prints

Robert Hatfull stopped to refuel his Yamaha ATV. As he kicked at some mud on the vehicle’s back tire, he noticed that some small rocks got into his shoe. He hopped over to a fallen tree, since it was in the shade, to unlace his shoe and dump out the pebbles.

As he unlaced his shoe, Hatfull saw something he never in his life imagined that he would see for himself. Hatefull, like most Americans, was familiar with the legends and supposed evidence of Bigfoot. The plaster casts and the grainy film footage.  But right there in front of him was a large, deep footprint.

It was huge. At least 16 or 20 inches long, about 3 inches deep, and clearly was made by a creature more ape than human. For one thing the size, then there was the strange placement of the toes. Hatfull wished he brought his new camera with him, but he feared he might damage it, if the ATV crashed.

Hatefull did make a small sketch of the footprint on a business card he found in his wallet. But when he presented it as evidence of his find, most people dismissed his scribble as silly, since it was so small. To this day, Hatfull returns to the area where he found the impression, scouring the ground for another.

1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot



1977, Tahoe City, California: Woman Nearly Runs Over Bigfoot

Mildred Casey often drove herself home from parties at her friend’s Lake Tahoe cabin near Tahoe City, California. On this particular night, she is certain that she was not drunk. She clearly recalls that she did not drink any of her beloved burbon since she was taking an antibiotic for a foot infection.

Mildred steered her Lincoln Continental slowly around the winding road leading back down through the woods. As she navigated a particularly sharp bend in the road, she was forced to suddenly swerve to her right. Her car barreled up the slight hill, kicking up dust and dirt and twigs.

She slammed on the brakes and the engine stalled. Once Mildred gathered her wits about her, she creaked open the car door to see if everyone was okay. Mildred swerved to avoid hitting a man standing in the middle of the road.

But when Mildred looked over the roof of her car, she discovered that the figure in the road was no man at all. In fact, it was not human in anyway!

Mildred found herself eye to eye with a large female Bigfoot. It appeared slightly dazed. Its eyes unfocused and blurry. The creatures brown hair was greasy and matted. It stooped over and seemed unable to stand straight up. Feeling immediate sympathy for the creature, Mildred called out asking if it needed help.

The Bigfoot snapped out of its daze, stared at the car before making eye contact again with Mildred. She swears to this day the creature shook its head, no, then quickly jumped off the pavement. Mildred heard it rustle through the trees as it made its way off into the night.

Mildred often worries about that monster. She really hopes everything was okay that night she almost ran over a Bigfoot.